About Two Maids & A Mop

Two Maids & A Mop™ is one of metro Atlanta’s leading residential house cleaning services. We are licensed, bonded and insured against any worst case scenario. In addition, we provide workers’ compensation in case of injury while in your home. We also conduct a comprehensive, nationwide criminal background check on every one of our team members. You can have complete confidence that your home is safe while we’re cleaning your home. Most importantly, we promise to deliver the best customer service you’ve ever encountered from your initial phone consultation to the actual house cleaning. We’re not your normal house cleaning company and we’re proud of that fact!!! Just because we clean your toilets doesn’t mean we can’t look, talk, act and clean like a professional! We take a lot of pride in hiring Atlanta’s best, most qualified people. Our turnover level is extremely low and that allows us to send the same people to your house on a regular basis.

Two Maids Staff

Some of our customers hire us because they think our name is a little silly. Some hire us because we’re the first company to pick up the telephone. And some hire us because their neighbor thinks so highly of our services that she tells the whole neighborhood. But … if we had to pick one reason that you should hire our service – we’d pick the TwoMaids Pay For Performance Plan. It’s our one, big, huge competitive advantage. No other housecleaning service in Atlanta can claim that customer feedback is more important to their company. That’s not a marketing slogan or pitch – it’s a fact!! At Two Maids & A Mop, your opinion directly determines our employees’ level of compensation. The happier our employees make you; the more money they’re able to earn with our company. It’s an awesome motivational tool and it’s simple to figure out why it works -our Pay For Performance Plan creates owners out of every single one of our employees! Our employees have some skin in the game and that’s the primary reason we work harder than anyone else to make you happy.

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